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Discover other driving directions apps.


Mappy is the French reference when it comes to driving directions. It is very useful for online hotel booking and check the weather at the Planning of the journey. Malhereusement the quakité its interface is still lacking.


Michelin is the other great reference for driving directions. Unfortunately for this aesthetic quality of his cards remains very poor. However, they have set up a route planner for cyclomateurs which can be handy. You can also find a tourist magazine, gastronomy magazine and a car magazine.


Routenet is the Dutch reference for driving directions. On their website you can find information on traffic (also for routes in Belgium), a simulator costs of trips, hotel reservation simulator and many other features.


VAB is the second largest Belgian automobile association. The site is not very nice but it is possible to plannify his bus ride Aved De Lijn. Unfortunately this route planner is only available in Dutch.

Tom Tom

TomTom is obviously known for its GPS systems. Their route planner is very good and provides a large map showing the traffic information.

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